The Real Estate Council is a hands-on organization whose success is based on the active involvement of its members. A key ingredient to our efforts is the work of several committees whose projects range from providing input on proposed ordinances and regulations, to nurturing the development of our industry’s future leaders. There are plenty of ways for you to keep our organization vital and energized. And like any organization, the Real Estate Council always needs fresh ideas and perspectives…so, please consider putting your own knowledge and experience to work for the good of our industry. You’ll be glad you did. Following are the committees and their functions::

Communications – Assists with the production of the Council Monitor Newsletter, which is published 6x per year. Working with staff, has primary responsibility for the RECSA website, including making recommendations for effective use with membership.

Community Relations - Evaluates, recommends and coordinates ways in which the Council can participate in appropriate community projects, inncluding RECSA’s partnerships with UTSA College of Business, Texas A&M San Antonio and Alamo Community Colleges. Meets occasionally.

Economic Development – Works to enhance economic development opportunities in the San Antonio community by advocating for incentive policies that encourage businesses to relocate, expand, or stay in our community; meeting with City and County officials responsible for economic development policies; monitoring City and County economic development regulations; and coordinating with other business organizations to promote comprehensive economic development strategies. Meets occasionally.

Government Relations Monitors activities of local, state and federal regulatory and legislative bodies (with emphasis on local and state); encourages and participates in the drafting of ordinances and other legislation that will stimulate community development and growth in the San Antonio area, subject to reasonable and appropriate limitations on environmental impact and infrastructure. Areas of focus include the City of San Antonio development process, public works, planning and zoning issues, environmental issues, and state legislation, among others. Call the Council office (804-1155) if you have questions. Meets occasionally, with some task forces meeting more frequently.

Leadership Development Program – Plan and implements RECSA’s Leadership Development Program for up to 25 high-potential, real estate industry applicants under the age of 40. In addition to providing overall guidance for the Program, each committee member (working with 2-3 other committee members) is responsible for a program segment. The goal of the program is two-fold: (1) to provide a concentrated exposure to San Antonio real estate, politics and the people and events that shape or affect the industry; and (2) developing the leadership skills and potential of individuals whom we expect to include our industry’s and the community’s future leaders. Organizational meetings to begin in second quarter 2012.

Membership - Responsible for all aspects of membership development and retention. Meets occasionally.

Program and Education – Plans, produces, and secures sponsors for all Council programs, meetings, seminars, workshops and related events. Organizes speakers and topics for MCE programs. RECSA will provide 2–3 MCE/MCLE programs per year. Meets occasionally.

Special Events - Organizes all aspects of major fund-raising activities. Choose from the annual Council Open Golf Tournament held each Fall with meetings from June - October , or the Main Event/ Fight Night , scheduled for March 21, 2013, with meetings from November 2012–March 2013. Please indicate preferred event.

Committee Preference

Please return by Friday, November 16, 2012. Return to The Real Estate Council of San Antonio, 8626 Tesoro Drive, San Antonio, Texas 78217, or fax to 210.804.1166





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