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The Commercial Real Estate Market is a driver of San Antonio’s economy, currently employing over 143,000 people. RECSA is an industry advocate supporting responsible development and sustainable growth for our community.

We Are Not a Council of Realtors

RECSA has represented developers, brokers, architects, law firms, engineers, and major stakeholders of San Antonio’s Real Estate Market for over 31 years.

We advocate for professionals in our industry, inform public policy, and support a healthy economy & enhanced quality of life for the San Antonio community.

Our Network

RECSA provides our 300+ membership organizations and 1,200+ industry professionals with vision, leadership and resources to succeed in our industry.

Local Roots.
Responsible Growth.

Meet some of our members who live, work and play in the same communities we are helping build.

Cara Tackett

RECSA provides access to people and resources that open doors for becoming leaders in San Antonio's land development and real estate industries.

Burkley Fitzsimons

The Real Estate Council of San Antonio provides valuable resources and opportunities that lead to my professional growth in the industry.

Paul Basaldua

The real estate industry can be complex and daunting for newcomers. RECSA gives its members the confidence to make a deep impact in the future of San Antonio's growth.

Rob Killen

The Real Estate Council of San Antonio provides invaluable resources, support and education for real estate professionals and those aspiring to make a difference in the community.

Leadership Development Program

Want to be on the leading edge of the Real Estate Market in San Antonio? 

Join our Leadership Development Program to learn about the inner-workings of our industry and how you can propel your career as a commercial real estate professional.

Our Team

Stephanie Reyes


Casey Weed

Director of Special Events & Leadership Development

2024 RECSA Headshots

Lauren Gonzalez

Director of Member Engagement

Magda Coronel

Director of Office Administrations & Admin Support

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